What happens and when - Year 7 and Year 8 (age 11-13)

5 cartoon people, one is in a wheelchair

Annual reviews should take place at least once a year.  This is to make sure the outcomes and provision in the plan are up to date.

Outcomes should be around the four preparation for adulthood areas:

1. employment, education and training
2. independent living
3. community inclusion, friends and relationships
4. health

Children at this stage are:

  • transitioning to new settings
  • developing skills and ways of thinking which set them up and prepare them for GCSE's in years 10 – 11
  • developing the ability to anticipate and plan for the future
  • beginning to develop self-regulation skills 
  • experiencing a greater sense of responsibility
  • having an increased attention span, but change interests often
  • exploring different careers

Children at this stage should be able to:

  • have travel training
  • socialise unsupervised in town and the local community
  • make decisions about what to spend their money on
  • make their own food

Children at this stage should be:

  • forming strong and complex friendships
  • making decisions about how to spend their free time
  • exploring identity through hair, clothing, hobbies, and friends
  • dedicating more time to hobbies
  • understanding how to stay safe online

Children at this stage:

  • are starting to or are going through puberty
  • experience growth spurts and accompanying growth pains and cramps
  • need to both sleep and eat more
  • receive sex education
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