Things to do when not in college - Transition Guide

If you are moving to college after Year 11, your course may not cover five full days. Time spent on the other days may include:

  • self-study
  • volunteering
  • work experience

As you prepare for adulthood, it would be a good idea to start thinking of voluntary work or work experience.  You may be able to do these from 16 years old.  Think about what support you may need.

Think about what interests you.  It may be helpful to contact local organisations and businesses.  See if they have any opportunities.

There is information about opportunities in this guide.

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What else to look at

You can find more details about activities, sports, and things to do outside education on the Sheffield Local Offer and on the Sheffield Directory.  Click on the buttons below.

Blue rectangle with white text that says opportunities to join in

Orange rectangle with white text that says volunterring

Green rectangle with white text that says search for things to do

You can also look at the Employment is For Everyone website.  They have other opportunities.  Click on the logo below.

Text says Employment is for everyone.  There is a circle to the left made up of red, blue, green and yellow with a picture of a satchel in the middle.

If you have an EHC Plan

You might be unable to have unsupervised learning in college and/or feel it is unsafe to be on your own. 

If this is the case, the local authority can assess if you are able to have social care.  If you do, they will look at what support you might need. This could include a range of options. 

You could access day activities and things that interest you.  This will help support your development.

Please see page 28 for information about social care.

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