1) Help with finding and keeping a job - Transition Guide


Getting work experience and developing skills for a job is very important. It can also help employers see the skills that you can bring to their organisation.

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Meeting employers

Schools and colleges should help you have opportunities to meet with employers during your time in education. They have a duty to do this.  This is an area which is inspected by Ofsted. This could be:

  • an employer coming to the school or college to talk to you about their job
  • help with a project
  • give you opportunities for a mock interview or mentor you

Many schools hold careers fairs where students get the chance to talk to lots of employers in one day.

Workplace experiences

You should also have the chance to do some workplace experience during your time in education. This can be anything from 1/2 a day to a number of weeks.  This could be spread over many weeks during a term.

Schools and colleges have a responsibility to help you prepare for these kinds of experiences.


Volunteering can also help you get skills that will help you in a future job. Your school or college will be involved in schemes such as:

  • the Duke of Edinburgh Award
  • National Citizenship Service

You could do some voluntary work outside school or college in an area that you are interested in.

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5 cartoon characters, one is in a wheelchair

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