Young People under the care of Children and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS)

CAMHS start to look at transitioning young people out of their service when they are aged 17.5. Working with families they identify any mental health needs.  They look at what service would be best suited to meet those needs when you are 18 and older.                 

The GP and/or other organisations may be able to take your care before you turn 18.         

To get in touch with CAMHS, please call the switchboard on 0114 271 7000.

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Other mental health services in Sheffield

The STEP Forward Programme is for young people from age 16+. This is a six-week psycho-educational programme.  It gives support to young people who struggle with mental health difficulties. The course gives the opportunity to learn new coping skills to support wellbeing.  This is to help young people move forward in their lives. Click the logo below for more information.

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Door 43 is for younger people aged 13-25. It is run by Sheffield Futures. Click the logo for more information.

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Other charities and voluntary organisations also offer a variety of mental health support. CAMHS can refer young people to these or help them make a self-referral.

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