Transitioning from Children’s Health to Adult Health Services - Transition Guide

Health care given to an adult can feel different for you and your family.  This is compared to the care you get in Children's services.

This is because:

  • not all young people will need their healthcare to be moved from the Children’s Hospital to Sheffield’s adult hospital. For many, leaving the specialist children’s services will mean discharge.  They would then get support from their GP. The GP will refer into adult specialist services if they need extra support. Discharge means you will no longer be a patient of that service.
  • from age 16 you, not the parent, make the decisions. This is unless mental capacity is an issue. You can ask family members or others to help in this.
  • the GP has a more active role in arranging healthcare for adults. They can see the different parts of medical care you are getting and can help with any concerns.

Being discharged from the Children’s Hospital does not mean a young person is not accessing a service. There is plenty that can be done to continue to support your healthcare needs in the adult world.

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If your healthcare is being transferred to an adult service

Some services offer transition clinics.  Staff from children’s and adult health services work together to do this.

Health Transitions documentation

Many families find it helpful to keep a child’s medical paperwork together through the transitions process.

Click on the drop down options below to find out more.

These are helpful documents for a health professional.  It helps them to understand your medical and other needs when you go to a clinic or in an emergency.

These are particularly beneficial if you have a learning disability. It also takes the pressure off you and your parent/carer to have to explain this in an emergency.

Click the button below to download.

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This should be completed between services, but you can request a copy.

These help your health workers talk about what to expect when you start to become an adult.  This is from as early as 11 years.  They help you feel more ready and confident about moving into the next phase of your healthcare.

These are available on the Ready, Steady, Go website in English and other languages.  There is also an easy read version. Click on the logo below.

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Keep these safe.  Your service should provide you with lots of information and leaflets at this stage so keep them too.

If you have complex health needs you may need Advanced Healthcare Plans and ResPECT forms.

Speak to your clinician to make sure these are up to date.

In emergencies

From age 16, you should go to the Emergency Department at Northern General Hospital.  Patients aged 16 and over will only be seen in the Emergency Department at Sheffield Children’s Hospital in the following cases:

  • you have ongoing care with a specialist team at Sheffield Children’s Hospital.
  • you have a transition plan for moving to adult services and have follow up appointments planned at Sheffield Children’s Hospital.
  • you have not yet had your first appointment at adult services. Once you have attended an appointment at adult services you will be discharged from Sheffield Children’s Hospital. In an emergency, you would then attend the Adult Emergency Department.

This is unless you are a CAMHS patient. You should go to the adult emergency department from 16 years and above if this is the case.

If you have questions about where you should go in an emergency, contact your specialist team.

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