Your Personal Advisor will be your main link to the Leaving Care Service and can continue to support you with other relationships as you become an adult.

  • A Social Worker will continue to support you until you turn 18 if you remain in care and a Personal Advisor will be allocated at age 16


  • We will support you to rebuild or maintain contact with people who are special to you


  • We will help you develop social networks


  • We will work with Adult Social Care for Care Leavers with disabilities and additional needs


  • We will agree with you how often you would like contact and visits from us


  • We will continue to support you to access and engage with your cultural heritage


  • We will help Care Leavers who identify as LGBTQ+ to access SAYit and any other relevant support


  • We will help Care Leavers who are Asylum Seekers to access a weekly drop in service at Victoria Hall


  • Should you need support with language we can help you access language support


  • We will help you to understand your time in care and build relationships for your future, including support to access your Social Care records (Subject Access Requests)


  • Should you become a parent we will offer help with parenting skills and support


On your 18th birthday we will get you a birthday cake to celebrate you becoming an adult

“I am in a much better place because of my Personal Advisor’s hard work and commitment”

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