Upcoming Events

Summer B-B-Q (To be confirmed)

Black History Month – Sunday 1st to Tuesday 31st October 2023

World Food Day – Monday October 16th 2023

Care Leaver Week – Monday 23rd to Friday 27th October 2023

Christmas Meal or Event – December 2023 (To be confirmed)

Groups and Activities

Tenancy ready course – Every Tuesday during term time on a rolling schedule of six modules. Speak to your Personal Advisor about joining the course.

Ideas from Care Leavers for Groups, Activities and Events

We would love to hear from our Care Leavers about what groups, activities and events you would like to be a part of.  If you have a great idea or suggestion, please speak to your Personal Advisor and ask them to feed this back to the Leaving Care Service.

Alternatively you can email us at LeavingCareServiceContact@sheffield.gov.uk

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