Money Matters

Leaving care and transitioning to independent living will bring with it many challenges; one of these will be managing your own money.

Your Personal Advisor will be able to advise and support you with managing your finances including learning to budget, opening a savings account and claiming any benefits that you are entitled to.

Dependent on your circumstances, the Leaving Care Service are able to offer varying additional financial support, which could include:

  • Setting up home allowance of up to £2,500, alongside, where you are eligible, support from the Local Assistance Scheme to purchase white goods and furniture


  • Support to prevent housing arrears


  • Council tax reduction scheme - Care Leavers will be supported to access all schemes aimed at reducing council tax, where that is appropriate


  • We have close links with the Department for Work and Pensions, with dedicated workers in each Job Centre to help you deal with benefits, problems and sanctions


  • Income maintenance if you are living independently but are too young to claim benefits


  • We can support with debt advice and are linked with the Illegal Money lending team if you are in debt to loan sharks


  • We have close links with the Citizen’s Advice Bureau who can offer one to one support with debt and financial issues. Your Personal Advisor can help you set up an appointment.


  • You may be eligible for a Junior ISA if you have been in care for more than a year and do not have a Child Trust Fund. Speak to your Personal Advisor to find out more


  • Your Personal Advisor can share with you the current finance policy for Care Leavers


  • We may be able to support you learn to drive and could pay for up to ten driving lessons

“My Personal Advisor made sure I was financially supported, and she helped me sort out accommodation to stay at”

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