Health, Wellbeing and Staying Safe

We want you to be healthy, be able to manage your wellbeing and stay safe. To help you do this, your Personal Advisor can advise and support you with:

You can discuss your interest in leisure activities with your Personal Advisor and they can support you to find an activity or group that you are interested in joining.

There are many activities that your Personal Advisor can support you with accessing around healthy eating, being active, and managing your well-being.  Below are some links within Sheffield and your Personal Advisor can support you to find support and activities outside of Sheffield should you wish.

When you move home you may need to register with a different GP and/or dentist due to moving out of the catchment area. 

  • You can Find a GP through your new postcode, this website will advise you of your closest GP Practice and if they are accepting new patients. If you need urgent medical treatment, please either attend A&E at your local hospital or Walk in Centre or dial 999 for an ambulance.


  • Registering with a new dentist at present is particularly difficult, so if you are able to stay with your current dentist please do. If you need a new dentist you may need to join a waiting list as a new patient, a list of dentists accepting new patients can be found here. In an emergency you can call 111 to access an NHS dentist in an emergency or out of hours to request an emergency appointment.

Your Personal Advisor will support you through the transition from children’s mental health provision into adults mental health provision. More information about how this transition works can be found at Mind.

There are various different groups both within Sheffield and Nationally that provide mental health support.  Below are some websites that may prove helpful.

    • Drug treatment and recovery teams for Over 18 years - for Opiates and Non-Opiates. These are available at Fitzwilliam centre
    • Drug treatment and recovery team for under 18 years, available at The Corner
    • Single Point of Access triage referrals and carry out assessments over the phone or face-to-face, to find out how we can help and then use that information to signpost to a service who can best meet those needs.

There are many different ways to access counselling within Sheffield, depending upon what your needs are.  This could be emotional counselling, debt counselling, pregnancy counselling, staying safe or mental health and therapy support.  Some of the following websites can offer direction

Door 43 | Sheffield Mental Health Guide which offers an emotional wellbeing service for young people aged 13-25, including one to one drop in sessions and is based at Star House. For more information speak to your Personal Advisor or see the contact details in the poster no.4 in the "Downloads/Additional information " section on the right hand side of the page.

The Gold digger Trust sexual health support and advice for young people aged 11 to 18

Kooth an online mental wellbeing service

The Children Looked After nurse will provide you with a Care Leaver health summary when you are approaching 18. This contains important information about:

  • What illnesses you had as a child
  • Immunisations you’ve had
  • Any ongoing health issues you may have

This is important information for your future health care. You can speak to your Personal Advisor about how you are feeling or anything you need help and support with. They are there for you and want to support you.

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