A Council-run service providing SEND support across all areas of need.

Supports children and young people: 10–19 years.

Referral reason

Referrals are made to provide travel training for young people who have a learning difficulty and/or disability.

The team work with young people who have little or no experience of travelling independently to their school or college. Travel Training provides skills for a young person to travel safe and with success.

People involved

Travel Assessment & Training Team


An accredited and experienced Travel Trainer will work on a one-to-one basis.  They deliver a training package adapted to meet the young person’s specific needs.

The Travel Trainer will help develop the young person’s travel skills.  This is so they can travel independently to their school or college. This includes:

  • how to use public transport
  • road safety skills
  • personal safety
  • safe places
  • what to do in emergency situations

Travel Training increases self-confidence.  It opens up further opportunities for the young person, as they progress to adulthood.

What the team risk assess

The travel training team has provided information about what they risk assess.

Families can use this as a tool when out and about, to support the young person.

Click here to view.

How to refer

Referrals can be made by completing a ‘Referral Form’.  You can get a form by either contacting the team:

Telephone: 0114 205 3542

E-mail: Indetravel@sheffield.gov.uk

Young people, parents, carers, schools, colleges, other education establishments and services can refer.