If the child or young person continues to have support needs after they turn 18, they will transition from children to adult social services.

Your child or young person’s support needs will be assessed.  This is to find out how their needs can be best met into adulthood. Most young people will have an assessment when they turn 17 years old.  Please note this can begin at any time from 14 to 17.

Adult Social Care Strategy

You can find out more about our Adult Social Care Strategy by clicking here.

About the assessment

The assessment will help decide:

  • what support the young person needs to achieve their goals
  • if they are likely to receive any funding from adult social care

Sheffield City Council will carry out a financial assessment.  This is to work out what the young person can afford to pay for care and support as an adult.  It also looks at what the council can pay towards it. The assessment looks at income including benefits and savings. It does not consider parental income. You can find more information by clicking here.

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Mental Capacity Act assessment

The Social Worker will help the young person make their own decisions where possible.

If the young person is unable to do so, the Social Worker will talk to the young person and their family about a Mental Capacity Act assessment.

We have a page on our Local Offer webpages that has more information and links. Click here to take you to the page.

Having an advocate

The young person may also find it helpful to have an advocate. 

An advocate is useful if it is hard to make decisions or understand what is happening. This could be a friend, family member or a professional like a teacher or support worker.

The Social Worker can arrange an independent advocate for them if needed.  Click here for more information on our Local Offer webpage.

If the assessment does not result in funded support

The Social Worker will provide advice and information.  This will include support available from other organisations and the voluntary sector.

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