Coordination Disorders (DCD) Team

Who we support and referral reason

We support children with motor co-ordination difficulties (suspected Developmental Co-ordination Disorder/dyspraxia). The child will have fine or gross motor difficulties.  These would not due to a physical disability or moderate to severe learning difficulty.  They would have a significant impact on a child's everyday life.

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Where we can deliver our services

Services are provided at:

How to refer, who is involved and who to contact

New referrals must come from a health professional such as:

  • GP
  • Ryegate consultant
  • speech and language therapy

Schools cannot refer directly.  Parents must go to the GP to ask for a referral if no other health professional is already involved.

If the child has been seen in the past by the service and discharged, the parent or school can re-refer.

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More information and resources

You can find this on the Sheffield Children's Hospital Resource Library.  Click on the logo to find out more.

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