Who we support and referral reason

We support children who have problems with their hearing.  Referrals are accepted for children up to their 16th birthday.


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Where we can deliver our services

  • C Floor, Audiology Department, Sheffield Children’s Hospital

How to refer, who is involved and who to contact

Healthcare professionals and schools can refer directly to audiology.

Referrals should be made by referral form or letter stating the reason for the request and the child’s details. The letter should include as much information as possible on:

  • the child’s behaviour
  • language development
  • general development
  • the parent’s telephone number is really useful as they operate a reminder service
  • if an interpreter is required, please state this clearly

The results of the assessment are passed on to the person who has made the referral.  Initial assessments are usually offered within 6 weeks.

Parent/carers who are concerned about a child’s hearing can see their GP, school nurse, health visitor or speech and language therapist.

Please on click the logo below for information on what the service offers, who is involved and who to contact.

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More information and resources

You can find this on the Sheffield Children's Hospital Resource Library.  Click on the logo to find out more.

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