Infant Feeding

Sheffield’s Family Hubs have a dedicated Infant Feeding Peer Support team who work closely with Midwives and Health Visitors to provide information and support during the antenatal and postnatal period.

Our Infant Feeding Team will contact you when you are around 30 weeks pregnant to discuss feeding your baby, the importance of bonding with your baby and to let you know about the support available once your baby arrives.

You can visit Breastfeeding in Sheffield for more information and support.

Health visitors will give you lots of support from getting started with breastfeeding to weaning. This includes:

  • while you’re still pregnant we’ll talk about feeding and bonding with your baby
  • holding and feeding your baby when they are born
  • learning how to respond to your baby’s needs
  • recognising feeding cues and knowing when your baby is getting enough milk
  • learning how to breastfeed and express milk
  • bottle feeding, making formula feeds and sterilising
  • weaning your baby

Information about feeding is also available in your Red Book.

For more information visit Feeding - Sheffield Children’s NHS Foundation Trust (

Breastfeeding Support Groups

Our Breastfeeding groups are friendly and informal group where you can ask for advice, information and support from one of our trained Infant Feeding Peer Support Workers who can help you on your breastfeeding journey.

It is also a great opportunity for you to meet other breastfeeding mums to share experiences and socialise together. These sessions are available online and in Family Hubs, community venues, and Family Hub Network Sites across the city.

See a full list of groups running here

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