If all support has been tried for children who cannot attend school due to medical needs

Local Authority and Health Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT) Panel

If all support has been tried, the Inclusion and Attendance Officer will go to the Local Authority and Health MDT panel.  This is to look at alternative education not on school site, or a mix of school and alternative education.

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The Local Authority and Health MDT panel will:

  • Confirm that the reason for the child being unable to go to school is due to their health needs
  • Confirm the child or young persons treatment plan
  • Check the level of support tried means support over and above what is available to all children in school is needed
  • Check if the needs of the child and plans are correct
  • Consider the alternative options already looked at by the school
  • Consider what the right education plan should be
  • Safeguarding responsibility and costs for education provision that the Local Authority arranges stays with the school/academy.

The type of education provision will depend on:

  • the health need
  • assessments completed
  • treatment plans provided
  • where the child is receiving their treatment.

All plans and support will be short term.  The aim is to get the child back in education at their named school as soon as possible.

Recommendations from the Local Authority and Health MDT panel

The panel will suggest suitable next steps and plans for provision. School and the parents/carers will get these in writing.

Schools will be expected to:

  • Pay for the provision
  • Follow the DFE working together to improve attendance guidance. This is to make sure attendance coding is accruate
  • Follow alternative provision guidance
  • Keep in regular contact with the child, the family, and the provider. This supports getting the child/young person back into school
  • Complete any paperwork requested by the provider

5 cartoon characters, one is in a wheelchair

Becton Outreach

Becton Hospital and Outreach Service provides education for children unable to attend mainstream school because of their medical needs.  This is because of issues relating to physical and/or mental health. The Local Authority and Health MDT panel will refer to this service if needed.

There are a range of offers through this outreach service.  Click on the drop down options below to find out more.

If a child is admitted to the Sheffield Children’s Hospital, the Becton Hospital Team will look to start teaching on day four.  This is after speaking with the medical and nursing staff. This is with the agreement of parents/guardians for the duration of any stay in hospital.

The three days ‘wait’ is to consider if the child is fit to begin learning. They will also look at if a child is fit enough to begin learning before the three days.

School-age pregnant girls will be offered group mentoring support and education.  This is for a period of up to 16 weeks around the time of the baby’s birth. The curriculum offer is for a total of 16 weeks of education.  Generally from week 36 of the pregnancy, 4 weeks before the expected due date of the baby’s birth. Then two weeks off after the birth ‘maternity leave’ and then teaching for a further 12 weeks.

The curriculum provision will be agreed with the school, the child, and her parents/carers.

Children who have mental health issues and have a treatment plan may be offered virtual or outreach education from their home.  Outreach education is where someone will come to the house. For secondary age children a short-term place at Chapel House could be looked at.

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