Sheffield’s Household Support Fund

You can apply for a grant from the Household Support Fund to help with food and energy costs. This can help you pay for:

  • food
  • gas and electricity
  • telephone and broadband (like phone costs, top-ups, broadband charges)
  • housekeeping (like groceries, toiletries)
  • clothing, including school uniforms
  • wider needs not linked to energy and water, if the Council considers this appropriate.

It can’t be used to help you pay for:

  • debts
  • mortgage costs
  • activities/services that the Council, or other public sector organisation, delivers
  • rent or housing arrears under normal circumstances.

There’s more detail on what you can apply for and how to apply on the Council website.

Sheffield City Council: Apply for the Household Support Fund.

Help to apply to the fund

There are organisations in Sheffield that can help you to apply. They are called Trusted Assessors. Many also provide a range of support including help with money and debt, and community activities.

For help from an advice service / community support organisation:

ACT Sheffield (Aspiring Communities Together).
A charity in Sheffield that supports local communities through various projects and initiatives aimed at improving social inclusion and well-being.

ACT Sheffield.

Call: 0114 243 4340.

Citizens Advice Sheffield.
Provides free and confidential advice to help people in Sheffield with various issues. They offer support on matters such as debt, benefits, housing, and employment.

Citizens Advice Sheffield.

Call: 0344 411 1444 or 0808 278 7820.

A charity that supports people experiencing homelessness and provides accommodation, outreach, and support services.


Call: 0114 278 7152.

Grace Foodbank.
A charitable organization in Sheffield that provides emergency food supplies to those in need. They offer support and resources to individuals.

Grace Foodbank.

Referrals Helpline: 07580 516 512, General Enquiries: 07964 896 283.

Meadowhead Christian Fellowship
A Christian church located in Sheffield, offering spiritual guidance, worship services, and community activities. They welcome people from all walks of life.

Meadowhead Christian Fellowship.

Call: 0114 237 5700.

New Beginnings.
A charity in Sheffield that provides practical and emotional support to women involved in street sex work and helps them build positive futures.

New Beginnings.

Call: 0114 253 6655.

A youth homelessness charity in Sheffield that provides shelter, support, and life skills to young people experiencing homelessness.


Call: 0114 253 6789.

S6 Foodbank.
A community-based food bank in Sheffield that provides emergency food parcels to individuals and families in need.

S6 Foodbank.

Call: 07984 572041.

SACMHA Health & Social Care.
A mental health and social care organization based in Sheffield, providing support and advocacy for individuals with mental health needs. They offer a range of services and programs.


Call: 0114 272 6393.

Sheffield and District African Caribbean Community Association is a community centre and charity that supports the African Caribbean community through various activities and services.


Call: 0114 275 3479.

Sheffield Roma Network.
An organization that works to support and empower the Roma community in Sheffield, promoting equality and social integration.

Sheffield Roma Network.

Call: 0114 261 9130.

Sheffield Young Carers.
A charity that supports young people who care for a family member with an illness or disability.

Sheffield Young Carers.

Call: 0114 258 4595.

A national charity in the UK that provides housing advice, support, and advocacy to people facing homelessness or in need of housing assistance.


Call: 0808 800 4444.

A charity in Sheffield that supports survivors of domestic abuse, providing accommodation, advocacy, and emotional support.


Call: 0333 880 5008.

SOAR (Southey and Owlerton Area Regeneration).
A community development organization that works to improve the quality of life for people living in the Southey and Owlerton areas of Sheffield.


Call: 0114 213 4065.

SPRING (The Sheffield Project for Refugee Integration and Growth).
A unique collaboration of six organisations helping refugees settle into the local community.


Call: 07421 313518 (Mon-Thurs 10am-4pm), 07342 288188 (Mon-Thurs 10am-4pm).

The Archer Project.
A Sheffield-based charity that provides support and services to homeless and vulnerable individuals in the community.

The Archer Project.

Call: 0114 263 6970.

The Terminus.
A community hub and cafe in Sheffield, providing a space for events, workshops, and social gatherings. They aim to bring people together and foster a sense of community.

The Terminus.

Call: 0114 237 8540.

Voluntary Action Sheffield (VAS).
A charity that supports and promotes volunteering in Sheffield, UK. It provides a wide range of services to voluntary and community organizations.


Call: 0114 253 6600.

Woodhouse District and Community Forum.
A community organization that promotes community engagement, events, and initiatives in the Woodhouse area.

Woodhouse District and Community Forum.

Call: 07394 081747.

A community organization in Sheffield that focuses on improving health and well-being in the local area. They provide a range of activities, projects, and services for all ages.


Call: Zest Centre 0114 270 2040, Zest Office 0114 270 2041.

For help from your Housing Association:

ACIS Housing Association.
A social housing provider that offers affordable homes and housing-related support services in various locations.

ACIS Housing Association.

Call: 0800 027 2057.

Anchor Housing Association.
A not-for-profit provider of housing, care, and support services for older people in the UK.

Anchor Housing Association.

Call: 0800 731 2020.

Arches Housing
A housing association in Sheffield that provides affordable homes and services to individuals and families in the local area.

Arches Housing.

Call: 0114 228 8100.

Clarion Housing Group.
One of the largest housing associations in the UK, providing affordable homes and support services across the country.

Clarion Housing Group.

Call: 0300 500 8000.

Great Places Housing Association.
A not-for-profit housing provider that offers affordable and social housing in various locations in the UK.

Great Places Housing Association.

Call: 0300 123 1966.

Guinness Housing Association.
A social housing provider that offers affordable and supported housing across various locations.

Guinness Housing Association.

Call: 0303 123 1890.

Homes Group.
A housing association that offers affordable homes, supported housing, and community-based services in the UK.

Homes Group.

Call: 0345 141 4663.

Methodist Homes
A charity that provides care homes, retirement living, and community support services for older people across the UK.

Methodist Homes.

Call: 01332 296200.

Northern Counties Housing Association.
A supported living and care provider that offers personalized support to individuals with learning disabilities.

Northern Counties Housing Association.

Sanctuary Housing Association
A social housing provider that offers affordable homes and support services to individuals and families in need.

Sanctuary Housing Association.

Call: 0800 131 3348.

South Yorkshire Housing Association.
A housing provider that offers affordable homes and support services in the South Yorkshire area.

South Yorkshire Housing Association.

Call: 0114 2900 200.

Together Housing.
A housing association that provides affordable homes and support services to communities in the North of England.

Together Housing.

Call: 0300 555 5560.

For help from your Medical Centre:

Crystal Peaks Medical Centre.
A healthcare facility in Sheffield that offers general medical services to patients in the local community.

Crystal Peaks MC.

Call: 0114 251 0040.

Woodhouse Health Centre.
A primary care medical practice in Sheffield, providing a range of healthcare services to patients in the Woodhouse area.

Woodhouse MC.

Call: 0114 229 3090.

For help from a financial organisation / govt department:

Department for Work and Pensions (DWP).
A UK government department responsible for welfare and pensions. They provide information and services.


Sheffield Credit Union.
A financial cooperative that provides savings, loans, and other financial services to its members in the Sheffield area.

Sheffield Credit Union.

Call: 0114 276 0787.

For help from an education provider:

SCC Multiply Team.
A team within Sheffield City Council that works on free numeracy courses and initiatives in Sheffield that can help you improve your maths skills.

SCC Multiply Team.

Call: 07789 875082.

Cost of living support

There’s detailed advice about the range of help available in Sheffield, and national services, on the Council website.

Sheffield City Council: Cost of living.

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