Support to keep well

Support to keep you healthy and well

Keeping well activities including health walks, chairobics, weight management and healthy eating, stop smoking support, courses to build self-esteem, community growing and cooking.

Get help to be more active and improve your health and wellbeing from the Move More website.

Move More: Health and Wellbeing activities.

Thousands of people in Sheffield have used this one-stop-shop to:

  • find activities, things to do and events in your area
  • download the ‘Move More’ app to keep you motivated
  • develop your own activity tracker to record your progress
  • get support with your wellbeing from a local organisation.

And if you have a health condition or disability and want to be more active get professional advice from the Sheffield Physical Activity Referral Scheme, or SPARS for short. Qualified, experienced and supportive staff can help you develop a plan to improve your quality of life. Includes 1 to 1 support, and discounts to help with the costs. Find out more: talk to your GP or get more details from the SPARS website.

SPARS: Help for people with health conditions who want to move more.

Or you can get fit and active with advice from a Health Trainer or Health Champion.

Sheffield City Council: Community Wellbeing.

The directory also has details of local sports and leisure activities to help keep you healthy and help your mental wellbeing.

Sports activities. Culture and leisure activities.

The directory also has details of local ageing well clubs, groups and services including social and friendship clubs, University of the Third Age, keep fit activities, drinking wise, age well, Age UK Sheffield.

Ageing well clubs, groups and services.

Visit the eat well section of the NHS website for information and guidance about eating a healthy, balanced diet. They also have an eat well guide that shows how much of what we eat overall should come from each food group to achieve a healthy, balanced diet.

NHS: Eat Well. Eat Well Guide.

More Life can provide FREE healthy eating and weight management support.

The Morelife 12-week, group programme offers a psychologically-informed model. Each session lasts for one and a half hours with a 30-minute drop-in before or after.

Each week you’ll focus on a different topic. These range from learning about nutrition and portion sizes to understanding the importance of sleep.

Our practitioners don’t tell people what to do, instead, you will be guided and supported to understand how thoughts, emotions and feelings influence decisions. We’ll help you to develop strategies to make healthier choices, cope with setbacks and manage specific triggers like stress.

Programmes run for adults and families. Visit the website for more information along with details on how to refer.

Morelife: Sheffield Eligibility.

Bags of Taste transforms the lives of people living in food poverty by giving them the help and practical support they need to buy and cook tasty, healthy and affordable food.

Bags of Taste: Changing diets, changing lives.

The directory also has details of foodbanks and pay as you feel cafes in Sheffield.

Foodbanks and pay as you feel cafes.

Help with an eating disorder

You can get good advice from the NHS including how to identify an eating disorder and different types of support.

NHS: Eating disorders.

The Sheffield Health and Social Care Trust Eating Disorders Service supports people in Sheffield, and their families/friends.

Sheffield Health and Social Care Trust: Eating Disorders Service.

Call: 0114 271 6938.

The Sheffield Children's NHS Foundation Trust Sheffield Eating Disorders Assessment and Treatment Team supports children and young people and their carers/family. Your GP can refer you to this service.

Sheffield Children's NHS Foundation Trust: Sheffield Eating Disorders Assessment and Treatment Team.

Call: 0114 305 3891.

South Yorkshire Eating Disorders Association provides support to people across the county.

South Yorkshire Eating Disorders Association: Help for people with eating disorders.

Call: 0114 272 8822.


Address of their main office: 26-28 Bedford Street, Sheffield S6 3BT.

Get information and support to help you quit smoking from the Yorkshire Smoke Free Service.

Yorkshire Smoke Free Service.

The directory has information and details of local services to help you to reduce or stop drinking alcohol, taking drugs or other addictions.

Addiction support.

Voluntary and Community  organisations (VCS) play a vital role, alongside the Council and other statutory services, in supporting people in Sheffield.

VCS organisations were at the forefront of helping people throughout the covid pandemic and are now dealing with the many issues  people face as the cost of living rises, including poor mental wellbeing and increasing poverty.

The cost-of-living crisis in the UK is here, now, and it is causing unprecedented pressures on people who might already be struggling and those who teetered on the edge are now facing hardship and difficult choices this winter. As a result of this many in Sheffield will be forced to make tough decisions about heating their home, feeding themselves and their families.

As part of the City’s response to this crisis, Voluntary Action Sheffield (VAS) are working with the voluntary sector to find out what services and resources are available across the city to help people keep warm and safe.

They have created a map of Hubs and Welcome Places across the city so that everyone can find a welcoming smile, a place to sit, enjoy a little company, get warm and stay warm.

Voluntary Action Sheffield: Hubs and Welcome Places.

What can everyone expect in a Welcoming Place?

  • A friendly warm welcome and a smile every time they visit.
  • Be treated equally, with dignity and respect.
  • Feel safe – groups and organisations will be expected to adhere to their own safeguarding policies and ensure that all staff and volunteers are briefed on these procedures.
  • Confidentiality – Data protection of individuals details.
  • A non-judgemental space; whatever the reason individuals have for needing to come in, they will be treated the same and never judged.


View all services on the directory that help to keep you well:

keeping well services.


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