Family Hub Sensory Spaces


Sheffield Family Hubs have sensory rooms or spaces in Family Hubs and Community Network Sites across the City. 

You can book a time to come and enjoy our space free of charge by calling 0114 2735665 or email

Sensory Rooms

Dedicated sensory rooms are available at the below locations: 

Early Days Family Hub - 71 Palgrave Road, S5 8GS

First Start Family Hub - 441 Firth Park Road, S5 6HH

Burngreave Family Hub Community Network Site - 19 Spital Street, S3 9LB

Darnall Family Hub - 563 Staniforth Road, S9 4RA

Wybourn Family Hub Community Network Site - 224 Manor Oaks Rd, Sheffield S2 5EE

Space at Shortbrook Family Hub coming soon.

Sensory Spaces

These are nice sensory spaces in an activity room. Available at the below locations: 

Primrose Family Hub - Creswick Street, S6 2TN

Stocksbridge Family Hub Community Network Site - 648 Manchester Road, S36 1DY

Lowedges Community Centre - Gresley Road, S8 7HL

Valley Park Family Hub - Norton Avenue, Sheffield S14 1SL

Shortbrook Family Hub - First Floor Shortbrook Primary school site, Westfield Northway, S20 8FB

Sharrow Family Hub - Highfield Library, London Road, S2 4NF (Friday pm)

Sensory benefits

Promote emotional wellbeing
Sensory spaces can increase relaxation, promoting greater levels of happiness and wellbeing.

Support your child's development
Promoting the development of muscles and engaging your child's brain with sensory time and interaction

Stimulate the senses
Encouraging your child to explore and engage with their senses can heighten their ability to interact with the world around them.

Enhance learning and play
Sensory stimulation can be used to engage different areas of the brain.

A new, exciting way to bond with your little one in a stress-free, calming environment that you’ll both enjoy.

Children with additional needs
Sensory rooms can have a calming effect on children with additional needs. They can provide a sanctuary for escaping sensory overload and can also be used as a therapeutic space for building skills like colour recognition or motor skills.