In 2011 the Government committed to explore options for bringing together the Healthy Child Programme (HCP) - health and development review at age 2-2½ and the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Progress Check at age 2-3 years to provide a single review.

Here you will find all the Integrated Review documentation including a flowchart, Presentation, summary template and postcard and poster.


It is acknowledged that age two to two-and-a-half is an important time for children and their parents. It is a period of rapid growth, learning and development in a young child’s life, and is also a crucial time when a child’s need for additional support from health services or the education system can become clear. While the care given during the first months and years of a baby’s life is critical for equipping them for the future, age two is another important stage where planned contact with all children and their parents can help to make a real difference to a child’s future outcomes

The aim of the integrated review is:

  • To identify the child’s progress, strengths and needs at this age in order to promote positive outcomes in health and wellbeing, learning and behaviour
  • To facilitate appropriate intervention and support for children and their families, especially those for whom progress is less than expected
  • To generate information which can be used to plan services and contribute to the reduction of inequalities in children’s outcomes.

In addition, the integrated review will:

  • Improve multi-agency working and sharing of information to support families.
  • Reduce duplication.
  • Provide clearer and more consistent information for parents.
  • Provide a more holistic understanding of a child’s needs.
  • Ensure earlier identification of need and access to relevant support.
  • Contribute to improved outcomes for children, including school readiness