Sheffield Early Help Workforce Training Offer (for professionals and volunteers)

Our Sheffield Early Help Workforce includes a wide range of professionals and volunteers.  They contribute to making Sheffield an inclusive city.  A city where we work together to make sure that all children get the right support at the right time.  This is so children live a happy and fulfilled life. 

We help with these key outcomes:

SAFE & NURTURED - Children & young people are safe, secure & nurtured within their home
SAFE COMMUNITIES - Children and young people are safe and supported in their community.  This is so that they are not at risk of harm
GOOD HEALTH - Children and young people have good physical health
EMOTIONALLY HEALTHY - Children and young people are resilient and emotionally healthy
ENGAGING EDUCATION & ACTIVITIES - Children and young people can access education, employment, and their local community

In all our work we make sure that children and young people with additional needs get identified.  This is so they get the support they need to reach their full potential.

We have a huge range of free training available.  This is so our Early Help Workforce are skilled and supported to do the work that they need to do.  This supports their continual professional development. It means children and families will get high quality services delivered by well trained workers.

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The Early Help Partnerships training offer is a standalone topic-based programme- which continues to support and embed the principles of whole family ways of working. It looks to upskill the universal workforce and underpin the core values of partnership working. The training is readily available and accessible for SCC employees and our wider partners. All training is free to access and compliments that of all other training attended. 

 Regular topics include: 

  • Parenting Training 
  • Early Help Assessment (FCAF) Training 
  • Emotional Wellbeing Sessions 
  • Homelessness Awareness 
  • Introduction to ADHD 
  • Introduction to Shelter Services 
  • Job Centre Provision 
  • Navigating Mental Health Services 
  • Reducing Parental Conflict 
  • Relationship Toolkit Training
  • Sleep Hygiene 
  • TAF Training 
  • Understanding Anxiety 
  • Understanding Eating Disorders 

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COST - Free

A catalogue of training covering all areas of SEND from the early years through to post-16. Training is primarily for practitioners who support work with young people with SEND in educational or childcare settings. 

WEBSITE - ITF Training | Inclusion Task Force ( 

COST - Free