These pages have advice about different types of equipment that can help you with everyday activities and tasks, from washing and getting dressed, to cooking meals and cleaning.

We also have advice about equipment to help with specific conditions or problems like Dementia and memory problems, or a sensory impairment.

Equipment solutions for a specific condition.

If the equipment is designed to support people with a disability you may be able to buy it without paying the tax for your purchase. Many shops have a VAT exemption form you can complete to reduce the cost of the purchase. You can’t claim the VAT afterwards from the HMRC.

Rather than buy you may want to consider renting the equipment if you only need it for a short time, or buying second hand.

Local equipment shops and online equipment websites.

image of our equipment houseIn each room of our Equipment House we’ve included links to good online advice and reviews of equipment to help you choose the right one for you, but if you need qualified advice to choose the right equipment for your size of bathroom or kitchen layout you can buy support from an Occupational Therapist.

Find an Occupational Therapist on the Royal College of Occupational Therapists’ website.

Royal College of Occupational Therapists.
Helpline: 020 7989 0681.

Help to arrange of pay towards the cost of your equipment.

If you think you need help to arrange your equipment, or to pay towards the cost of your equipment, contact the Council. They can give you advice and if you need support, they will assess your needs and arrange support with you. They will ask you about your finances so they can decide how much you can afford to pay towards your support.

Sheffield City Council: Equipment to help you at home.

You may be eligible for an Occupational Therapy Assessment if you have long term difficulties carrying out everyday tasks. If your assessment finds that you need equipment, this can be loaned to you through the Integrated Community Equipment Loan Service Sheffield (ICELSS).

This service is provided by Medequip on behalf of Sheffield City Council and the NHS in Sheffield. When you have finished with any loaned equipment you can return it (read how to do this at the bottom of the page).

Your Occupational Therapist will work with you to:

  • assess your difficulties carrying out everyday living tasks.
  • advise you on different ways to manage tasks.
  • loan essential equipment to help complete daily tasks.

The assessment may look at how you:

  • get in and out of bed or chair.
  • get on and off the toilet.
  • dress yourself.
  • feed yourself.
  • manage the stairs.
  • prepare drinks, snack and/or meals.

Once your assessment is complete your therapist will tell you if you can get equipment or an adaptation to your home, and provide advice and information about other services.

The adaptation may include:

  • wheelchair access within the home.
  • lowering kitchen surfaces to wheelchair height.
  • a lift to access upstairs.
  • a downstairs toilet or shower.

You can ask your GP to refer you for an Occupational Therapy Assessment. If you are going to be discharged from hospital an assessment can be arranged for you there. Or you can also contact the Council.

Sheffield City Council: Equipment to help you at home.

All equipment loaned by the Integrated Community Equipment Service Sheffield (ICELSS) should have a Medequip label on it, showing the Medequip customer service telephone number. Medequip will also collect 'On Loan From Sheffield CES' labelled equipment.

If your loaned equipment is no longer required and ready to be returned:

Tel: 0114 553 6449.

Email: Sheffield Medequip.

You can also return equipment yourself directly to Medequip:

Medequip Service Centre Depot: Eastwood Trading Estate, Chesterton Road, Rotherham, S65 1SU.

Opening Hours: 8:30am to 6:30pm (Monday to Friday).

Or by dropping off at your nearest return location. To find your nearest return location:

Medequip: Recycling Equipment


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