When you're looking for a job there's a wide range of support available.

Careers advice

You may need to start with some careers advice.

Looking and applying for jobs

Or you may need some help with job searching, CV’s, interview techniques, applying for jobs, training and apprenticeships, work experience and in-work support. As well as help with interview clothing and transport to work. You will find a full list of organisations providing support into employment on this directory.

Many of Sheffield City Council's "People Keeping Well" partners provide employment support.

People Keeping Well.

These include:

There are other local employment support providers including:

Employment support for disabled people

There's also employment support for disabled people, people with mental health issues and disadvantaged people, including:

  • Autism Centre for Supported Employment.

  • Autism Plus.

    Autism Plus: Job Club.

  • Big Ambitions provides employment support for people with mental health issues.

    Big Ambitions.

  • Find Good Work for people with a severe mental health condition.

    Find Good Work.

  • Sheffield City Council's - Opportunity Sheffield provides training and employment support for people facing barriers (including those with disabilities, physical or mental health issues, criminal records, lack of skills or work experience).

  • Sheffield City Council: Opportunity Sheffield.

  • Sheffield Royal Society for the Blind.

    SRSB: Job club.

  • Spectrum E. In work support for people with disabilities.

    Spectrum E.


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employment and training support
employment support for disabled people.

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